Our Current Sire Range

We carefully select our sires by evaluating a wide range of criteria, including everything from structural correctness and musculature to trueness and type. You can rest assured that our sires are selected to breed true and produce healthy, sound progeny.

Learn more about our current sires below. At the bottom of the page, you can also find helpful links and information about sheep management more generally.

If you have questions about our sires or our informational links, please contact us today.

Current Barwon Poll Dorset Sires

Current Kubura White Suffolk Sires

Information Sources
To help you manage your sheep more effectively, we’ve assembled a list of documents and helpful websites. Click on the links for more information.

We also put out newsletters and management guides to give clients more up-to-date information. To see our past management guides and newsletters, visit our Blog page.
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