The Stud

Barwon Poll Dorsets and Kubara White Suffolks

Barwon Poll Dorset stud joins on average 1000 ewes, while 500 Kubura ewes are joined. The stud's primary aim is to breed true-to-type rams which are structurally sound, and also have sufficient diversity to suit a range of commercial lamb production operations over a broad range of environments.

Ram Breeding Objectives

Barwon Poll Dorset and Kubura White Suffolk studs provide clients with sires to produce lambs with a high growth rate and excellent carcass traits. They are also:

• Of a consistent and reliable quality
• Highly fertile
• Structurally sound
• Suited to a range of environments, from the low rainfall plains to the high rainfall tablelands

Barwon Stud produces rams to target a range of prime lamb markets, including feeder lambs, store lambs, heavy trade, domestic and export. Barwon Stud also aims to develop long-term relationships with clients to ensure mutual benefits for both businesses.
Stud Health
Footrot, Brucellosis and OJD Free

The Barwon and Kubura flock:
  • is footrot free
  • is brucellosis free
  • has four points in the ovine Johne's disease management program
All rams are vaccinated with Gudair for OJD, and we take great care with stock movements to avoid introduction of disease or other pest problems.

Our regular animal health program includes:
  • 6 in 1 plus Vitamin b12 Vaccinations – For protection against diseases including tetanus, blackleg, pulpy kidney, malignant oedema, black disease and cheesy gland.
  • Drench – To maintain gastrointestinal health. Products are managed to avoid resistance.
  • Vitamins A, D & E – To maintain general ram health, especially during wet weather in winter.

Improved pastures play a key role in the sheep nutrition, with barley and high-quality Lucerne hay used to fill the feed gap in autumn or seasonally as required. Plenty of high-protein feed ensures rams are healthy and fit, which is maintained through joining. This improves sperm count and is extremely important in young rams.
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